i recently went to pay my respects to friends whose daughter died of an inoperable brain tumor.
she and her mother were treated for cancer (at the same time) a few years earlier but since then, both had been doing very well.
in her early teenage years, a few wrong choices were made but things seemed to be "turning around" for this brave young woman.
she started going back to church and even shared her story, along with her mother, to those who would hear.

she had done well....all of her obstacles seemed to be dwindling.

This is why life is so precious - no matter what we've done, there's ALWAYS room for  "do overs".


maybe it started with a reoccurring headache; whatever it was, the brain scan confirmed the dreaded diagnosis.
it's impossible to imagine how she felt upon hearing the words that spilled out of the doctor's mouth.
first cancer and now this?
her whole life probably flashed before her eyes BUT then it had to come to a screeching halt because she was only 33.

i started going over my "problems", even after being diagnosed with a small movement disorder at 44...how could i complain; ESPECIALLY when she spent the last 2 weeks of her life in hospice?

then i started thinking, what do you say to a family in this situation, "God loves you?" even though it's a very true statement....it just didn't seem enough.

i thought about this while i drove to the funeral home, what would i say if someone asked.... "why did this happen"?
i then remembered a comforting Word that provided peace when i was first diagnosed in 2004.

somewhere in the good book it says: "trust in the Lord with ALL your heart (not some of it, or when it's convenient), lean not on your own understanding (there's just some things our small feeble minds can't figure out), acknowledge HIM in all your ways (just start small & at own individual pace) and HE will make your paths straight (not smooth but now will have a purpose/goal).

in the scheme of "things to come", who is to say what's needed in our lives?
it's a fact....bad AND good things happen to people with no discrimination to age, sex, importance, income or popularity level.

the only difference is, how are you processing it?

at some place or time, on your life's journey, you'll have to make a choice: are you going to keep doing it alone (and keep getting the same results) or are you going to let the Big Guy have HIS turn?

with the TEAM (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) on your side, you can rest in the fact, when "bad" things happen (and they will), THEY can produce positive benefits from EVERY situation.

true, the young women had a hard life BUT she handled it well.
she gave the TEAM permission to take control of her "processor" (her mind, emotion & will).
no longer was she like a sailing ship without a rudder, being tossed here and there; she now had meaning.

she left a big positive mark on the people that knew her....not by giving in or giving up but by GIVING OVER.

thank you, my friend, for your life's example; it won't be forgotten and i look forward to seeing you again.