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My "Skid" Marks on life


At the end of 2005, the question of divorce was equally settled upon and during this time, the idea for this website evolved. I was driving back up to Atlanta to get more of my stuff when a thought occurred to me, what kind of mark have I placed on this world? I knew not enough to be "Googled". I decided to do something about it by learning how to build a website. I thought about writing a virtual journal and recording life's highs, lows and lessons learned...if at least one person out there could learn through my experiences, it would be worth it. I figured it was better than writing on some bathroom stall and at least now, Google would finally "know" me. THEN, it hit me...I could place an even greater mark on life, by providing the same "name recognition" opportunity for others like myself. Every person wants to feel important and have their name and what they say....mean something!
My brain went into high gear thinking of the possibilities and I felt my old smile returning to my face. The higher the altitude got, from traveling from coastal Georgia back up to Atlanta, the higher my attitude got. I now had a purpose; I now had a dream; I now had a

My "soon to be ex-wife" called me on my cell phone, not too long after my epiphany and I told her that I decided to start a journal and that it would begin with not remembering our last kiss or true embrace. I mentioned it was hard to recall because I never thought the "last time" would REALLY be the last time. It was easy to take for granted that there would be more. I thought I had "forever" but I didn't.

She replied nicely, maybe one day you'll let me read it.

I said, you can....it will soon be on the World Wide Web.


Things may get a lot more interesting around here, so stay tuned and place your mark!


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