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hy, when a house is on fire, do people risk their lives for photo albums and after old buildings are gone...the greatest regret is not taking a simple photograph beforehand?

What increases the importance of our photos?

Our memories are like welcomed ghosts in our minds but a photograph brings them form and life.

Time (like the Rolling Stones lyrics) can either be on our side OR it can be our most formable opponent...it's a fleeting moment...time marches on and waits for no one...except a photograph.

It's our responsibility to slow it down by freezing the moment. A simple picture instantly becomes it's  own "time capsule".

It's these collections of "frozen moments" that help us retain a portion of our youth....this is why they're soooo valuable.

By sharing our photos with others, we remember our past, which  helps in forming our future.




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Every individual wants their life to matter and be recognized for what they have done.... no one wants to be forgotten.

 A few place their mark on life by accomplishing great goals and have a statue  placed in recognition of their honor. Others have a bridge or road named after them.


The rest of us either:

pay to have our name engraved in a brick that's placed in a public walkway (done that); carve your initials in a tree (that too); putting hands in wet cement (got caught);

spraying wall graffiti (nope); writing your statement on public bathroom stalls (dated a girl briefly & later found her phone # on....) 

or everyone's favorite.... drawing in the soft beach sand & leaving messages for the fortunate few before the rising tide.


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