Independence Road
I've been retired since 2004 and I'm ready to "put my hands back on the plow". I've come to the conclusion, when you retire, time speeds up because income now comes in only once a month. I found myself always waiting for "the second Wednesday" of every month and not giving much credence to the other days in the calendar. Living like that, the year becomes a lot shorter because, if you think about it,  there's only 12 of those "Wednesdays" available and it doesn't take too long to count to 12. So I'm changing my outlook from looking for just 1 day, to all the days of the month but more importantly, appreciating the building blocks of each day....the moments which are in constant motion. I'm ready to start enjoying life by living in the present (it's called the "present"  because it's a gift); for many years I've taken this gift for granted and it's time for a change.
Presently, it seems the only way to accomplish this is to go in business for my self. My goal is to work myself out of work again and then pursue further dreams (see purpose/goals page).
We have some commercial acreage located in a small coastal GA town which has not been considered for expansion....until recently. Now the whole Southeastern coastline is exploding and this little "Mayberry RFD" town (You remember Aunt Bee don't you?  Good trivia question:  R.F.D. = Rural Free Delivery) is about to be caught right in the middle of it.
My projects are 2 fold:

My 1st building project is: WOODBINE SELF-STORAGE. It will consist of climate controlled, regular storage, RV and boat storage on 5 acres. At this time, there are no storage units within an approximate 20 mile radius of Woodbine and it will be built in 2 stages. I'm meeting with the city admin next week so this little venture may turn into a reality.
The 2nd project will be the toughest....creating SATILLA RIVER RV PARK, a high-end campground with all the best amenities. Land is not too much of a concern, this acreage has been in our family for decades, so it's not going anywhere.
The biggest concern is conducting a true feasibility study, obtaining ALL the permits, dealing with the EPA and last but not least....cost.
At least it doesn't cost anything to dream and you've got to have a dream before reality can occur.
Thanks' for letting me share mine!!!