what makes up your life story? if you're like most of us, it usually rotates between the adventure, drama, comedy, mystery and horror sections.

Placing Your Mark.com focuses on the importance of our individual stories, the different types of marks we place on life and how we record them.

we're all familiar with: spraying graffiti, writing in beach sand and in cement, carving initials in a tree and maybe even having a statue erected in loving memory. these types of marks are easily identifiable and simple to photograph.

view the different types of "marks" i've placed on my site's home pages. while your there, go ahead and register at "placing your mark" photopost gallery. upload your pics so family & friends (people you've haven't met yet) can share in your experience. if you ever stumble across a "mark", upload the pic so all can see.

well, since it's 0300, i'm moving "my mark" to bed.
see ya,