Comfortable....not Compatible
thinking back on my 6 years with "my wife" (name concealed to protect the innocent), it's evident that we were comfortable with each other but not compatible....our differences were many.

you name it, from football (she NEVER pulled for the GA Bulldogs), spiritual/social issues, and basically life in general. she's a HEADLINE NEW'S women and i'm a FOX NEWS type of guy...."fair & balanced"?

with all these differences, it didn't help that i was 15 years her senior. we did have far more good times than bad....we just never really "clicked".
we were too comfortable to make any drastic changes (counseling vs. divorce) but by ignoring our differences.....crisis in our marriage became more apparent.

even during the "good times", we were separated a lot due to my work....which added to our demise; you can have a multitude of differences as long as you're around each other long enough to "work things out".

so there we were, living together "comfortably" but not at all compatible and by not doing anything about it, constant conflicts arose.....then crisis (meltdown).
by living in this vicious cycle, my  life started filling up with quiet desperation.  i was miserable....the U2's song entitled, "still haven't found what i'm looking for", subconsciously became my theme song.

by the time we became uncomfortable enough to do something about it....IT was too late but if you can have a "friendly divorce", we had one.
thinking back now.....the years we were together now seems like a vague dream but i do have to admit, i miss talking with the friend that i grew comfortable with.


till next time,